Okt 062015
Cheetah Cub And Puppy Become Best Friends

At the Metro Richmond Zoo, keepers noticed that one cheetah cub wasn’t growing like the others. The veterinarians realized that the mama cheetah wasn’t producing enough milk for all the cubs, so they separated Kumbali the cheetah cub to be hand raised. But cheetahs are social animals, so they introduced Kumbali to Kago the rescued puppy. Soon, the two became best friends. They really need to make a children’s book about these two. 


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Sep 092015
Zoo Guest Shows Gorilla Other Gorillas On His Phone

The way animals react to our high tech world is truly fascinating. Paul Ross was visiting the zoo when he stumbled upon the gorilla exhibit. That’s when he had the great idea to show one of the great apes pictures of other monkeys on his smartphone. The way the gorilla was entranced has the Internet buzzing and now this clip has over 1.5 million hits!


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Sep 012015
Toddler And Young Gorilla Play Peek A Boo At Zoo

It’s incredible how similar we really are to our ape cousins. While visiting the Columbus Zoo, little Isaiah found a friend to play with, and he wasn’t even human. At the gorilla exhibit, the 2.5 year old human played peek a boo with young gorilla Kamoli, says The Columbus Dispatch. Now, this precious video has instantly gone viral!


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Mai 212015
Little Penguins At The Zoo Are The Cutest

Everyone knows that penguins are already super cute and adorable. But these penguins are even cuter! Even their name is cute as they’re known as little blue penguins and fairy penguins as they only grow up to 13 inches tall and only weigh around 2 to 3 pounds as an adult. The Web is thrilled to see that the Bronx Zoo just got a flock of these cuteys.


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Apr 182015
Silverback Gorilla Smashing Into Glass Barrier At The Zoo Is Terrifying

YouTuber BULL DOGG took the kids to the zoo for a fun day out. While they were watching the gorilla exhibit, the silverback didn’t seem to enjoy his privacy being infringed upon. Without warning, the great ape charged towards the glass barrier where the kids were, leaving the glass with a giant crack! This scary video has gone viral with over 7 million views!


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