Feb 172014
6 Awesome Xbox One Facts Stop Motion

Popular nerd channel Vsauce3 has made a name for themselves in the video game community with their popular video game console stop motion videos. 

They’ve already covered the original Nintendo, the Sega Dreamcast, the original Playstation, and the new PS4 in eye-popping stop motion animations.  

But Vsauce is bipartisan. So they’ve just released this new stop motion featuring the PS4’s arch nemesis, the XBox One


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Jan 092014
xbox sign out prank

The XBox One is truly a futuristic gaming console. It even has voice commands! Many serious gamers realized that voice commands might not be the best idea for a gaming console, but they were quickly silenced by corporate marketing.

Gamer YouTube channel Video Games demonstrates just how annoying the voice commands can be in this new viral XBox One troll video

He made his Call of Duty tag name literally ‚XBox Sign Out‘ and annoyed the heck out of other players. 

When other gamers finally grew sick of his antics they would no doubt yell out his gamer tag in rage, and quickly be signed out of the game. 

Their reactions are priceless!

„Whose name is XBox Sign Out…. Uh-oh.“

„XBox Sign Out, catch me. No! I didn’t mean….“


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Sep 052013
Obnoxious Project Partner Won’t Stop Playing XBox

Could Eric Cartman be real?? Many viewers claim that, yes, he is real, and can be found in this newly trending video by spunkflunk.

The clip features a group of friends attempting to work on a skating project who are obstructed by an apparent real life Cartman character who won’t stop playing XBox and spilling junk food. 


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Jul 092013

Now that all the data from E3 has been laid out on the table, gamers have been carefully choosing their side in the latest console war. Even the musical nerds at AVbyte are getting in on the action, making this new musical to help nerd decide with console is best. 


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Jun 262013

Jimmy Fallon just ended his popular Video Game Week on his late night show, and now Conan O’Brien is trending online for also focusing on gamer’s interests. 

As most nerds know, the consoles wars continue to heat up between the new Microsoft XBox One and the Sony Playstation 4. Naturally, at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, the convention was buzzing over the two new systems. 

Conan made his way to the huge gaming festival and, as a nerd himself, properly poked fun at the geeky get together.  


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