Sep 192016
Giant inflatable moon rolls through China

What does sound like an imaginary headline from a news segment in „Family Guy“ actually did happen. A decoration piece lost it’s ankering and flew away threw the city and the traffic.

via: cartoonland

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Sep 122016
Guy And His Friends Can’t Stop Laughing After Accidentally Buying Cow At Cattle Auction

All auctions are fast passed to keep the momentum going. But cattle auctions are especially quick. It almost appears to be in another language. Bert Kreischer and his friends went to a cattle auction and for fun he decided to make a bid. 

The only problem was that no one else bid afterwards. His friend couldn’t stop laughing after Bert realized he just dropped $1,400 on a cow!


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Sep 102016
Instructor Stops Base Jumper From Making The Biggest Mistake Of His Life

Extreme sports like base jumping can be serious fun, but they are nothing to joke about. One mistake can be your last if you jump ill equipped. Professional jumper Chris Mcdougall basically saved a man’s life when he stopped him from jumping off a bridge without his leg straps. If he didn’t stop him in time, the story would have had a much darker ending. 


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Sep 092016
Mattress Company Airs 9/11 Themed Commercial

It’s not that easy to make the entire Internet mad at you. But this small, mom and pop mattress store in Texas has succeeded doing just that. For some crazy reason, they thought it would be a good marketing move to make this September 11th-themed commercial for their mattress store. Yes, they really do knock down two piles of mattresses. What were they thinking? 


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