Okt 142016
Surprise Chicken in the Car Trunk

I know, I know – this video hasn’t gone viral yet. But it has to! And I don’t get why it only has got 7.000 views by now…?! It has everything: surprise, authenticity and a chicken!

„When you open your boot and a random chicken pops out.“

via: blameitonthevoices

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Okt 132016
Skateboarding on Stilts

A skateboard with stilts – why not? Okay, lots of arguments against that are popping up but it at least makes an entertaining video! And got Braille Skateboarding over 700.000 views on it.

„Big thanks to Anthony Miramontes with a shout out to Joel and Jozie for making us these awesome super tall steel riser pads!“

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Sep 272016
Glove Compartment Playing Jazz

Even though this clip of Duncan de Heusden is titled „My Car Plays Light Jazz (and I play along)“ it isn’t his car. He just found the clip and sound and remixed it to be a piece of jazz music. Just so you know, because facts are important and stuff.

„Something I made because I lack a purpose in life“

via: neatorama

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