Okt 292015
Why Wine Snobs Are Faking It

Ahh, the holidays are finally here. That means dinner parties and drinks with friends. For some reason, drinking wine has become a pretty snobby choice, even if you don’t mean it. Wine snobs have ruined the delicious fermented grape drink for everyone. And according to Adam, they’re totally full of it


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Aug 052015
Thrown Champagne Bottle Shoots Right Back At Thrower

What are the odds?!? A man dressed in a suit threw a bottle of bubbling wine at a stone sculpture in an apparent celebration. But instead of hitting the stone and gloriously exploding bits of glass and wine everywhere, the bottle inconceivably hit the stone directly on the top of the bottle, causing it to shoot like a rocket directly at the man who threw the bottle. W! T! F! Countless copies of this clip have gone viral. Just this video alone has amassed over 1.2 million hits


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Mai 262015
Expensive Wine Is For Suckers

We’ve all been there before. We’re at a fancy party or dinner and we are offered an expensive and exclusive wine. But when we taste it we can’t help but admit that it’s really not that good at all. Actually, according to one study, the most expensive wines actually received the lower ratings. Vox explains why expensive wine is for suckers in this viral video


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Dez 252014
Uncorking Champagne With A Giant 50 Caliber Rifle Is Impressive

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a celebration, a party, or just for a nice holiday drink, Champagne is always a hit. But you have to be careful when popping the cork. Somehow, the talented firearm masters of Full Mag uncorked a bottle of Cristal using a monstrous .50 caliber rifle. Sure, it took them a few tries, but they finally managed to uncork the bottle perfectly without even a nick in the glass.  


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Nov 062014
Trying To Make Sparkling Wine Using Soda Stream Machine Ends In Disaster

It seemed like an ingenious idea. Little Noah wanted to give his dad a nice glass of sparkling wine but they didn’t have any. What they did have was a bottle of regular wine and a Soda Stream carbonation machine. Except you’re not supposed to put anything with sugar into the carbonator. BOOM! This clip by Larry G has instantly gone viral with over half a million hits!


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