Mai 242013

This very strange and obscure video by 사 채업자 has just exploded online even though it was posted six weeks ago. A heavy Korean man menacingly laughs and giggles as he unloads his never ending dinner of Asian take out at his computer desk.  


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Mai 152013

The marketers at Old Spice are famous online for specializing in weird, crazy, and insane commercials. To the glee of countless dedicated fans, they haven’t veered far from their original formula.

In their newest advertisement, titled Baby, football player Terry Crews is shocked to discover that ‚everything is talking‘ after he touts Old Spice’s new shaving gel. But he is more surprised to find he has a baby son with an uncanny resemblance!

Already, the new commercial has accumulated over one million views.


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Mai 122013

For many travelers, this public bathroom door is completely mundane and banal. However, countless viewers have made it clear that they have never seen a public toilet with a privacy door made entirely from glass.

Only when the occupant locks the door does the glass become translucent, blocking any peering eyes from seeing in.

British traveler Ian Howlett was in Vienna, Austria when he couldn’t help but video record the rare bathroom privacy door.

For those worried the glass may revert to clear while they are busy with their pants around their ankles, the doors actually only become clear with an input of power. Their nature state is frosted and unclear.

Now, the new video has gone viral over the weekend, amassing over 130,000 views.


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Mai 122013

Cari Scholtens posted this video over five months ago, but it has only exploded online over the weekend.

Like the viral video of a frozen lake that gave off out-of-this-world sounds, so too does this new video feature ice emitting science fiction like noise.

While under the lens of the camera, Cari threw a golf ball onto the frozen lake. The ball bounced, gave off an incredible sound, and continued to bounce down the lake in ever shrinking iterations.


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Mai 092013

It seems every now and then, a cryptozoology or UFO themed video will inexplicably go viral. The latest strange animal themed video to go viral is from YouTuber Elizabeth Ann.

She was on Pukehina Beach in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand when she happened upon the strangest marine creature remains she had ever seen after a week of violent storms. Many claim the creature is an Orca.

Now, the two week old video has only gone viral now, amassing over 1.75 million views over the past two days alone.


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