Okt 062016
Crazy But Real Law Case Got Animated With Rick & Morty

For fun Justin Roiland from has read a real court transcript a few weeks ago in the voices of „Rick & Morty“. Finally tiarawhy and friends did finish on the animation of this weird piece of animated comedy. May I present to you: „Judge Morty: State of Georgia Vs. Rick Allen“.

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Aug 192016
Sorority Girls Chanting Will Terrify You

Sorority girls have a really bad reputation on and off campus. Apparently, Okeditor is not a fan of Alpha Delta Pi. They took a simple greetings video of the girls chanting and cheering and turned it into something straight from the pits of hell. 


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Aug 172016
Dry Ice In Slime Has Awesome Results

As the Internet already knows very well, dry ice is always good for some entertaining science experiments. Being the self proclaimed Crazy Russian Hacker, he decided to see what happens when you place dry ice into some green gooey slime. 


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Jul 292016
Woman At Salon Freaks Out At Other Customer

Apparently, this guy really didn’t like his hair cut. So he returned to the salon to give the staff an ear full. But one older woman who was a customer wasn’t having any of his sass, and soon a fight erupted.

Now, this clip has gone viral with over 1.25 million views!


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