Jun 142016
James Bond VS Austin Powers Epic Rap Battle

James Bond is probably the most famous spy in the world. For decades now, he’s been known as the slick, sexy spy who can save the world from cliche evil villains. Mike Myers parodied everything we love and hate about James bond with his Austin Powers character. So it only makes sense to have the two face off in an epic rap battle. 


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Mai 182016
Gordon Ramsay VS Julia Child Epic Rap Battle

There are a couple well known TV cooks and chefs, but few compare to the fame of world famous British five star chef Gordon Ramsay. That’s today though. But back before cable cooking shows there was one cook everyone knew and loved. Julia Child. So Epic Rap Battles of History decided to see which was the greater chef by having the two face off in a war of words. 


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Mrz 212016
If Batman v Superman Came Out in 1995

It’s very easy to find a movie that came out in the 1990’s. Nearly every trailer had the same editing style. And that trailer guy voice. It’s like he was in literally every trailer. In honor of the much anticipated superhero movie, Batman VS. Superman, the movie nerds at Screen Crush made this trailer of what the new film’s trailer would have looked like if it came out in 1995. 


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Mrz 072016
Bernie Sanders VS Hillary Clinton Auto Tune Mash Up

The Gregory Brothers, famous for auto tuning the news and creating stunning music, are back now that the election season is in full gear. For their latest project, they took footage from the most recent Democratic debate on CNN and made this hilarious music video of Bernie and Hillary singing and jamming in a battle of the bands. 


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Dez 152015
Simple Animations Battle In Minecraft

Alan Becker is the famous creator of the Animation VS Animator series. You know, the cartoon of a simple stick man animation that battles his creator, the animator. After too long of a hiatus, the creative genius is back with a new twist on the series. This time, the stick men battle in the blocky world of Minecraft. 


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