Jun 202016
Arab Girl Dances To Street Violinist In Italy

Tourists and passersby got a special treat on the streets of Italy when a young Palestinian girl started dancing to the music of a street violinist. Her stunning ballet dance has instantly gone viral this weekend. 


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Jan 202016
Girl Imitates Car Alarm On Violin

Anyone who has lived in a big city knows the sound of a car alarm all too well. More often than not, the alarm goes off for no good reason and the owner is no where around, so the alarm simply drones on and on. 

We all know the tune. G Britaney decided to have some fun with her violin, so she covered the car alarm ’song‘ in this trending video that was posted in 2010.


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Dez 292015
Girl Masters The Violin In Two Years Compilation

As her name implies, Violin Noobie decided to learn how to play the famous string instrument all on her own two years ago. Naturally, she wasn’t all that good at first. But she’s really grown over the past 24 months. 

To show just how far she’s come, she put together this montage of her progress. Well done. This video from the summer is trending now more than ever with 250,000 new views!


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Sep 032014
History Of The Violin

The violin is one of the oldest musical instruments. Where would classical music be without the violin? but more importantly, where did it all start? CDZA reviews the entire history of the popular string instrument in this extended video


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