Nov 122014
Jeff Daniels, Usher, Nick Jonas, And Jimmy Fallon Play Pyramid

One game Jimmy Fallon loves to play over and over on The Tonight Show is the iconic TV game show Pyramid. This time, Jimmy played with Nick Jonas against Jeff Daniels and Usher. The rules are simply: a player tries to help his teammate guess as many words or phrases in the category they chose. Naturally, which ever team has the most points wins.  


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Sep 152014
Usher Takes On Ellen’s American Ninja Warrior

Apparently, Usher can do more than just a sing. The talented dancer proved just how in shape he is on The Ellen Show. The people of American Ninja Warrior built Ellen a mini-obstacle course outside her studio. Using the strength and agility he has amassed over the years as an incredible dancer, Usher crushed the course in less than 140 seconds. 


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Jun 162013

Music videos and marketing continue to meld. As we have seen before, more artists are turning from simply featuring a product, such as a smartphone or watch, in their music videos to dedicating entire songs to advertising.

Pop superstar Usher is the latest artist to follow this trend.

He and Samsung Televisions collaborated to create this ‚Looking 4 Myself‘ music video which showcases the new South Korean motion controlled TV’s from Samsung, as well as Usher participating in some epic Matrix-inspired fighting. 


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Jan 302013

Mercedes is changing the automobile game with the planned debut of the all-new CLA-Class in 2014 for under $30,000. To spread the word, they went all out in their obligatory Superbowl commercial.

Usher, Kate Upton, and Willem Dafoe all make a short appearance in the new commercial that naturally promises fame, fortune, adrenaline, and sex if only you buy this new car

The commercial is further featured on Yahoo, Joe, and HuffPost


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Nov 192012

The new Italian music channel  went viral last week with their awesome cover of Katy Perry’s Wide Awake, and now they have again started to trend with another spot on pop music cover. 

They took David Guetta and Usher’s Without You, and added a rock ’n‘ roll twist. Just over the weekend, their new cover has garnered over 1.1 million views.  


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