Nov 102011

This powerful video was posted online in 2010, but just went viral now. You’ve probably seen an action-thriller movie where a private company on the verge of taking over the world through corrupt politicians is stopped by some superhero good guy. Sadly, it’s the good guys that are fiction.

Big, scary companies like Serco do exist. So what do Serco do? Just about everything. From running detention centers in Australia, to traffic lights in the UK, governments around the world outsource to this enormous, still quickly growing, powerful company. 


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Nov 022011

Procrastination is a battle in your mind. Your Present Bias tells you what you should do later, but the you in the future doesn’t want to, so it ends up getting pushed off. You need to make your ’should’s into ‚want’s. This typography trailer is for the new book, You Are Not So Smart, and is featured on The HighDefinite and Devour


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