Dez 042013
Kobe Bryant VS Lionel Messi Selfie Contest Turkish Air Commercial

To promote the fact that they fly around the world, Turkish Airlines pinned basketball star Kobe Bryant against soccer legend Lionel Messi in a selfie contest across the globe. 

The two took pictures of themselves in obscure places in an attempt to out do one another. 

Already, the new commercial has amassed over 11 million views!

Veteran viewers will remember the two super athletes starred in a past Turkish Air commercial that has amassed over 100 million views!


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Dez 072012

As the world continues to shrink with the help of technology and the Internet, celebrities that were once only famous on a regional or national level are exploding across the globe. 

And Turkish Airlines is the latest capitalizing on this trend.

They enlisted the help from NBA famous Kobe Bryant and FIFA famous Argentine footballer Leo Messi to star in their newest commercial.

In just one day, the new celebrity athlete ad has already amassed over 1.75 million views


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