Apr 112013

ThePoultron posted this video over two years ago, but it has only gone viral now. A Middle Eastern turkey farmer stands in a packed barn full of turkeys. Whenever he calls out, the birds all gobble in unison as some form of response. This is how dictators are created. 


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Dez 072012

As the world continues to shrink with the help of technology and the Internet, celebrities that were once only famous on a regional or national level are exploding across the globe. 

And Turkish Airlines is the latest capitalizing on this trend.

They enlisted the help from NBA famous Kobe Bryant and FIFA famous Argentine footballer Leo Messi to star in their newest commercial.

In just one day, the new celebrity athlete ad has already amassed over 1.75 million views


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Aug 052012

All kids know what sound the turkey makes, but who knew that turkeys knew it too? If you ‚moo‘ at a cow or ‚oink‘ at a pig, odds are, the animals isn’t going to ‚answer‘ your call.

But amazingly, this gaggle of turkeys in the Middle East instantly respond when an Arabic man performs a loud turkey sound


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Mrz 272012

This ‚edgy‘ Turkish shampoo commercial has been making its rounds online for the past week, and people aren’t happy with it. The short advertisement features none other than Adolf Hitler screaming, probably because he’s having a bad hair day.

Now, the shampoo company, Biomen, is in hot water after the video went viral across the globe. The video is featured on Buzzfeed. Read more on DailyMail.


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