Feb 292012

Sporting extremists  took some good old fashion tricycles for kids and tricked out the back wheels for some more mature riding. Then they took to the hills and proceeded to pull off some sick drifting and tricks.


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Sep 202011

Tricycles aren’t just for kids anymore. Just check out these dare devils who ride down the steep mountain roads of Powder Mountain, Utah on just trikes. They really pick up speed hitting up to 55 mph, and even pass regular motorist. The video is going viral on TheHighDefinite, StuffIStoleFromTheInternet, and DailyPicksAndFlicks


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Aug 082011

This video starts off cool, but ends brutally. A couple of buddies decided to hook up a tricycle to their car and go for a ride. One lucky kid got to ride the trike, and at first it works beautifully. Even the power slide works, until he smashes into a light pole. Next time, wear more protective gear. 


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