Jul 312013

UK footballer Andrew Henderson is famous for his outrageous freestyle football (or soccer as we Yanks put it) skills. He recently demonstrated just how skilled he is around the streets of London with sports obsessed STRskillSchool recording all the action.

In less than a week, his Insane Football Skills video has amassed over 400,000 hits


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Feb 192013

Polish YouTuber Kanał użytkownika ZolzaBC is a professional dog trainer. For her latest project, she he has been working with her Border Collie Zoe, helping her master around 50 dog tricks

She showcases Zoe’s moves in this month old video that has already amassed over 145,000 views.


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Okt 062012

Chef Jon of  has an extremely entertaining and enlightening video recipe channel with delicious recipes and helpful tips. His latest video to go viralviral outside of the cooking world is one of the most famous chef’s tricks. Flipping food in a pan

He explains the key is not going up and down, but rather back and forth. In slow motion you can really see how to properly execute this popular technique. The new video already has over 350,000 views. Read more on FoodWishes


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