Okt 062012

Chef Jon of  has an extremely entertaining and enlightening video recipe channel with delicious recipes and helpful tips. His latest video to go viralviral outside of the cooking world is one of the most famous chef’s tricks. Flipping food in a pan

He explains the key is not going up and down, but rather back and forth. In slow motion you can really see how to properly execute this popular technique. The new video already has over 350,000 views. Read more on FoodWishes


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Nov 282011

Science gets a bad rap as being boring and dull from all those numbers, calculations, and weird Latin words we’re forced to memorized. But like so many things in life, you have to get past the boring parts to get to the fun. So it is true with science. Just check out these ten cool science tricks that seem quirky, strange, or even impossible. They aren’t really tricks or magic, it’s simply science once you understand how the world works. 


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Okt 082010

Now this is what good dog training can do. This cute Jack Russel Terrier does more than just pick up the newspaper, he opens the trash bin and throws out the garbage. He does more than get your slippers, he can take off your sweater, shoes and socks, and then get your slippers. He turns on the lights, puts laundry in the washing machine, and even washes the windows. Good doggy.

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