Okt 032016
Chicken Playing Piano

Okay, obviously a little seed trick did help making this „Chicken Sonata“ – but hell, this sounds pretty damn good! Surprisingly…

„Acclaimed French composer and multi-instrumentalist Igorrr lets his beloved chicken Patrick take center stage for a musical union of epic proportions.“

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Jul 282016
Magician Makes Stunning Artistic Predictions On America’s Got Talent

This is this week’s most popular clip from America’s Got Talent. NFL star Jon Dorenbos surprised viewers by leaving the football field and instead blew the mind of the judges with his magic prediction tricks. 


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Jun 142016
How To Make Tiny Coins Float On Water

Here’s a fun trick to show off to your friends. Using a special technique to lower them onto the water, Grant Thompson demonstrates how to make tiny 1 Yen coins float on water. It’s all about how your softly place them down. 


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