Jul 252016
Darts Bullseyes Trick Shots

Most of us can’t even score a bullseye when we are sober and only three feet in front of the target. But that’s no problem for the trick shot masters at How Ridiculous. Watch in amazement as they score bullseyes on difficult, moving targets. 


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Jul 182016
Water Bottle Flipping Trick Shots

Like we said before, a fresh new trick shot trend has finally emerged after the millionth basketball video. It’s water bottle flipping. The way the bottle reacts with little bit of water at the bottom makes for some fun tricks. 

Now, it’s officially a thing since Dude Perfect has taken it on. 


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Jun 292016
Tony Hawk Lands 900 Skateboard Jump

Skateboarding and Tony Hawk go together like basketball and Michael Jordan. Even though he’s 48 years old he’s still pushing forward in the dangerous sport. After pulling off the inconceivable 900 jump 17 years ago, Tony did it again!


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