Mrz 152012

Way back in 1990, complex special effects weren’t as easy to come by as they are today. Heck, kids in college have more power on their iMacs than the special effects guys back in the day.

So movies had to depend on real effect in their movies, and a favorite was breaking glass. 1990 sci-fi hit, Total Recall, took the glass breaking a little too far, as evident from this super cut featured on BlameItOnTheVoices and NYMag



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Nov 212011

Once DVD’s became mainstream, media companies started packing in more than just the movies in the extra space the discs provided. One feature most DVD’s have today is an audio commentary by the actors or directors. Lucky for us, the commenter for the 1990 classic sci-fi film, Total Recall, is Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it’s as wonderful as you’d expect from the Austrian born Governor. The video is going viral after being shared by BrianAbrams, TheHighDefinite, and TheDailyWhat


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