Jul 082014
Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog Is The Cutest Things You’ll See Today

Hello Denizen have become well known online for their adorable videos featuring all things tiny. Their first two tiny videos featuring tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos and pizza have exploded online with over 10 million views together!

Now, they have returned to satisfy the Internet’s appetite for more tiny cuty things. This time, they held a tiny birthday party for a tiny hedgehog. Two tiny hamsters were even guests at the party and they all enjoyed perfectly tiny cake. They even used poker chips as plates! OMG! The cute is too much!!


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Dez 292012

Who didn’t grow up playing with and loving marble machine toys? Well this marble machine toy, demonstrated by Michael Henriksen, is most likely the smallest and cutest marble machine you’ve ever seen. The kit is made up from laser cut parts, and can be found on BustedBricks


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Apr 032012

Marshmallow was born a month ago at just 66 grams! Now, at four weeks old, she is doing much better and has grown seven times since her birth.

So just how small and adorable is Marshy? She is drwafed by a slipper and can easily be held in one hand. The video is shared on HaveYouSeenThis


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Feb 132012

This very unique drum video is from last March, but only started to trend since December. Now it is nearing 100,000 views and is featured on TheAwesomer. What makes this video so unique isn’t the drumming as much as it is the size. The set is extremely small, yet the drummer accurate enough to play a sweet beat on it. 


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Nov 292011

Humans used to get all their news from only one source. Print. But now that we are finally in the digital age, we don’t need to keep emptying ink cartridges when we can use ‚digital ink,‘ aka the computer screen. Sometimes, technology goes in the wrong direction, like this adorable little printer. Just hook it up to your smart phone and it prints you a tiny, cute personalized news feed. Kind of like a stock ticker, but of your life. 


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