Okt 032014
Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Takes On Times Square Mascots

Times Square was once a sketchy part of Manhattan that tourists never dared to enter. Now, it has completely turned around and is a famous tourist hot spot. Besides for the giant digital billboards and expensive stores, Times Square has become synonymous with cartoon mascots. They seem to be everywhere these days!

Where did they all come from and what do they do? To find out, Conan sent the ever popular Triumph The Insult Comic Dog to investigate and ruffle a few feathers.


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Okt 012014
People Of Times Square

Times Square has been the unofficial center of the world for decades now. It’s one of those instances when something is simply famous for being famous. What is there to do there? Not much. There are some stores, restaurants, and that’s about it. But what really makes it a special place is the people and the characters. Michael Tapp demonstrates this in his short documentary, People of Times Square


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Nov 252013
The Slow Death Of A Cubicle Life

NSFW Language 

This video was posted online over four years ago, but has only gone viral now after being featured on Reddit.

Mark McNease works in a tightly packed cubicle office above Times Square, and has a loud chewer sitting right behind him. 

„This is where I sit all day long, and lose my mind,“ he explains as he gives a ‚tour‘ of his cubicle. 

Obviously, many other office workers can relate. 


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Mai 132013

Three weeks ago, Fuel10988 posted amateur video of a kids band named Unlocking The Truth performing in Manhattan’s famous Times Square.

Few viewers expected such a hardcore heavy metal performance from the kids. And that’s what makes this intense brutal breakdown so great.

Now, in less than a week, the video has burst onto the viral scene, amassing over 800,000 views.


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Apr 012013

For their latest ingenious public prank, the East Coast’s most popular improv group Improv Everywhere commissioned 2,000 volunteers to prank world famous Times Square in Manhattan. At just the right moment, everyone began to walk and move in reverse

Naturally, tourists and even some everyday New Yorkers are completely freaked out. Even some NYPD officers can be seen holding back their smiles. 


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