Okt 282015
Baby Grows Up Into A Teenager In 4.5 Minutes Time Lapse

They grow up so fast. When Dutch artist Frans Hofmeester was blessed to have a baby girl, he decided he would take snippets of video of her growing up every week. Incredibly, he kept this up for the past 16 years! Finally, he put all of his footage into one stunning time lapse. Watch as his baby daughter grows up into a young lady in just 4.5 minutes. 


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Jul 282015
100 Years Of German Beauty

Cut Video is back with another gorgeous episode in their 100 years of beauty series. This time, the cover the makeup and fashion trends in Germany over the past century, covering both East Germany and West Germany after the country was split post-World War II. As usual, their work is simply stunning. 


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Jun 292015
100 Years Of Beauty

Cut Video has become famous online for their gorgeous series in which they cover the past century of beauty and fashion trends from different countries around the world. For their latest episode, they review past 100 years of Russian makeup and beauty fads. 


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