Okt 172015
Thai Hero Helps Photographers Stuck In Mud

Two photographers were in Thailand attempting to get some up close and personal photos after a serious flood, but ended up getting stuck in some serious mud themselves. Incredibly, a humble hero came to their aid and even lied down in the muck to help them get out of the very serious situation. And then he just walked away. A true hero. 


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Sep 082015
Dash Cam Captures Meteor In Thailand

Seeing a fiery meteor fall out of the sky is rare enough. But Porjai Jaturongkhakun somehow managed to captured the event on camera. While driving down the road in Nonthaburi, Thailand, his dash camera recorded the moment when a flaming meteor fell out of the sky. This video has instantly gone viral with over 2.5 million views!


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Mai 282015
Dog Repays Man’s Kindness In The Best Way Possible In Thai Commercial

Commercials in Thailand are not like those in the West. Frequently, companies will commission sweet and touching short stories that have little to do with their product. In this new viral commercial by Thai bank Kiatnakin, a young man decides to give away his snack on a stick after seeing a hungry stray dog. He never expected the dog to repay his kindness all day. This touching commercial already has over 3.3 million views!


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Aug 182014
Why This Boy Plays Guitar Will Make You Misty Eyed

His peers mock him because he isn’t very good at playing the guitar or singing. But that doesn’t stop this young man from busking on the streets everyday. The reason why may make you cry. Commercials from Thailand are well known for pulling on viewers‘ heartstrings, and this new one by this Thai Life is no exception. Already, the emotional ad has over 3 million hits!


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