Apr 202016
Taylor Swift Answers 73 Questions

When you’re a world famous pop star, boring questions suddenly become very interesting to the common folk. So it’s no surprise that this video of Vogue asking Taylor Swift 73 quick questions has instantly gone viral with over one million hits!


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Apr 192016
Taylor Swift Lip Syncs ‘The Middle’ By Jimmy Eat World

We all have our rituals that we go through before leaving the house for the night. Apparently, Taylor Swift includes plenty of singing and dancing while getting prepared for an evening out. In this new viral commercial for Beats 1 Radio, Taylor lip syncs and dances her heart out to the 2001 hit single The Middle by Jimmy Eat World. 


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Apr 012016
Taylor Swift Falls On Her Face On Treadmill

It’s hard for pop star Taylor Swift to sneeze without the Internet exploding. But this new ad she stars is trending like crazy, even for T Swift. To demonstrate just how distractingly good the new Beats 1 Radio is, Taylor falls on her face while listening to Drake while running on a treadmill. Ouch! That fall looks so real!


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Mrz 172016
Taylor Swift And Kanye West Lyrics Swapped

Remember that whole kerfuffle with Kanye West and Taylor Swift when Kanye stole the mic from Taylor after she won an award. That got singer Chad Neidt thinking. What if he took the lyrics from one of those two and sang it in the style of the other?

It might sound something like this. 


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Okt 072015
Julianne Moore, John Stamos, And James Corden Star In Soap Opera Written By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s lyrics might not be the best, but no other artist in the pop music world can top her songs. To demonstrate just how silly some of her lyrics are, James Corden decided to create a short soap opera using only the lyrics from Taylor’s most popular songs. Actors Julianne Moore and John Stamos star in the hilarious soap which is going viral. 


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