Nov 262013
Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, David Koechner Sing ‘Afternoon Delight’ At Anchor Man Premiere

 One of the most popular scenes from the original Anchorman film was when the four newsmen sing the classic 1970’s song, Afternoon Delight

So it was only appropriate before the premiere of Anchorman 2 in Sydney, Australia for the four actors to sing their signature tune, live in front of the eager crowd. 


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Apr 302013

The web still isn’t over their love affair with HBO’s ultra popular fantasy franchise Game Of Thrones.

Just last week, the University Wisconsin-Madison was trending online when their bell tower covered the famous theme song from the popular cable series. That video has quickly garnered over half a million views

Now, Sydney University wants to get in on the action. Student FlavourWave was sitting outside the library when they recognized the tune being played from the carillon tower.

The video debuted over the weekend, and has already collected over 100,000 hits, appearing on Gizmodo, YouTubeTrends, and NineMSN.  


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Apr 162013

Ysée Amar posted this video from Australia, but it has only exploded online over the past few days, amassing over 590,000 views already. 

While at the Martin Place outdoor mall in Sydney, the camera-person caught an older man dancing like it was his birthday in the middle of a promotion which had dance music pumping. 

After about a minute, the man approaches one of the police officers on the side, and starts dancing in her face. She instantly responds, not with cuffs or a warning as so many viewers have said would result in the US, but by dancing along with him.

Now, viewers can’t get enough of the dynamic duo.


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