Jun 262016
Swimming In Giant 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool

After apparently running out of ideas for a new video, TechRax decided to spend days and days with a buddy buying countless bottles of Coca Cola. After building up a giant supply, they filled a swimming pool full of the sweet, syrupy soda to go for a very weird swim. 


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Jul 222013

This two month old video has only exploded online over the weekend, garnering over 750,000 hits.

The Lifeguard Rescue video shows a hyper-aware lifeguard instantly spot a little girl who fell off of her floating tube and began to struggle in the wave pool. 

There’s a reason the Bible instructs parents to teach their children how to swim


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Jul 142013

Janelles Life published this adorable pet video a month ago, but it has only exploded online now, garnering over 400,000 views this weekend. 

Dexter the corgi loves taking a nice swim in the summer like most other dogs. Here, Dexter takes his first swim of the season in his new kiddie pool, splashing around and ‚biting‘ the water. 


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Jun 302013

Registered nurse Adam BC posted this video of his baby girl swimming last year, but it has only gone viral now over the weekend, garnering over 750,000 hits.

Adam and his lifeguard wife are true hydro-fanatics, and wanted their baby daughter to become accustomed to the water as soon as she was physically able to swim, so they set her up with an instructor from ISRWaterKids at a very young age. 

In this adorably tense video, Elizabeth swims across the family pool all by herself. With proper professional supervision of course. She swims using a head underwater technique as that is the best form for a baby. 

Adam explains that he and his wife are beyond certified to care for a swimming baby, and warns, „Please! Do not just throw your child in the water and expect them to swim. That is both dangerous and a quick way to traumatize your child and scare them from ever swimming.“


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Apr 082013

Most people are surprised to learn that baby otters don’t instinctually know how to swim when they are born. Ironically, the water animals have to teach their young how to swim, much like humans.

And similarly to people, the mother otter will seemingly drag their young to the water’s edge, and throw them in with a splash. It may look a little rough at first, but it’s really no different than signing your kid up for swimming lessons at the local pool or YMCA in the summer

The Oregon Zoo has gone viral with this adorable video featuring their baby river otter Molalla. In less than a week, the video highlighting Molalla’s first ’swimming lesson‘ has accumulated over 300,000 views


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