Okt 142016
Surprise Chicken in the Car Trunk

I know, I know – this video hasn’t gone viral yet. But it has to! And I don’t get why it only has got 7.000 views by now…?! It has everything: surprise, authenticity and a chicken!

„When you open your boot and a random chicken pops out.“

via: blameitonthevoices

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Jul 092016
Surprising Dad By Hiding In The Car Trunk Prank

Brian Vogelgesang took a special flight from Chicago to be with his family for his dad’s birthday. To make the surprise extra special, he hid in the trunk of the car and had his dad open it. Dad’s shocked reaction is simply hilarious! 


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Jan 032016
Log On Bike Path Is Not What It Seems

Bicyclist Gplnd was biking along a bike path when he noticed something up ahead on the path. Ugh, another jerk left a large wooden log right in the middle of the bike path. Not only is that annoying, but it’s dangerous too. 

Oh wait, that’s not a log….


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