Sep 042012
Obama Invites Harold And Kumar The Democratic National Convention 2012

As apparent from his 2008 campaign,  really knows how to reach and connect with the young. But now that ‚Hope and Change‘ and The Obama Girl hype has all died down, the Obama admin is looking for anyway they can to reconnect with the youth.

One secret weapon up the president’s sleeve is the volunteer commitment from actors Kal Penn and John Cho, best known for starring in the Harold & Kumar stoner series. 

Naturally, video of Obama inviting the two couch locked stars to the upcoming Democratic National Convention has instantly gone viral. Kal Penn will actually be hosting the entire DNC event in Charlotte, North Carolina this Thursday, September 6, 2012.


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Jun 242012

Brothers Mickey and Sam were just „driving around in circles, listening to music. Havin‘ a good time. Listenin‘ to Led Zeppelin,“ when they noticed smoke coming from a nearby home.

The teens quickly knocked on the front door to check if anyone was inside. Amazingly, the Keller family was sitting at the table having dinner, completely unaware a fire had broken out in their garage. 


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Jan 162012

Loud music and bass enthusiast  was blasting his car speakers like any old day, when an older man came running up to him. He first thought the elderly gentlemen was going to express his anger with the loud music, but instead the man was friendly and pleasantly surprised that all that noise could come from just car speakers. „We thought we were f***ing hallucinating!“ he exclaimed.


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Nov 072011

Two ’stoners‘ heard a noise in the trash bin outside, so they grabbed their camera and their courage, and checked it out. As one of them just momentarily opened the lid, a ’ninja squirrel‘ flew out of the can, bounced off the stoner, and escaped. The two kids probably wouldn’t believe it ever happened without the footage. The video is featured on HuffingtonPost, BitsAndPieces, and TastefullyO


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