Jun 082011

Picking up girls is hard when you’re a nerd. Most of the time girls aren’t interested in Star Trek, programming, and World Of Warcraft. The courtship crew, , decided to take on the challenge of being nerdy and get a girl. The rules are simple. They have to get a girl’s number while using lingo from the famous video game, Starcraft . This is going to be good.


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Mrz 122011

My Little Pony is the last thing I think of when I’m playing Starcraft. But  obviously saw the connection between the two. He cut up the My Little Pony cartoon and mashed it up with the Starcraft 2 trailer audio. I’m speechless. I can’t believe it works so well.

Here’s the original Starcraft 2 trailer. Just a little different.

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Feb 092011

We’ll admit it, Starcraft’s demographic is nerdy, white, single, young males. Not funny black people. In this game, a hilarious black dude is playing Terran and dishes out the funniest trash talking ever. Even his tactics are funny and he’s a master at trolling his enemies. „Yahtzee Motherf***er!!“

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