Okt 202016
Boy In Awesome Handmade Tauntaun Costume

Cosplay at an intergalactic level! If you happen to be proud of the Ninja Turtles costume, your mom did make for you when you’re in Kindergarten – crawl into your favourite blanket to cry. This Star Wars cosplay by Clint Case is epic.

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Okt 122016
Super Smooth Lego Death Star Stopmotion

It is surprisingly entertaining to watch Bart van Dijk building his 500 Euro model of the Death Star in Lego. Good thing, timelapse has been invented, otherwise we’d have to watch for several days, I assume…

„This is the new Lego Death Star. It’s setnumber 75159 and counts 4016 pieces. I struggled with the speed… What do you think of it?“

via: theawesomer

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Jul 292016
Storm Troopers Escort Kid Dressed As Kylo Ren

There’s a reason why Disney is famous aroudn the world for making magic come to life. They take their mission very seriously. So when one boy dressed as Kylo Ren visited the Star Wars exhibit at Disney World, the stormtroopers made sure to make it a visit he’ll never forget. Now, this 3 month old video has gone viral with over 1 million new views!


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Jul 242016
Alternative Script For Yoda In Return Of The Jedi

Return Of The Jedi is considered by many nerds as one of the best science fiction films ever made. It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t seen Jedi, even if they aren’t fans. Over the weekend, this clip with an alternative script for Yoda has gone viral. 


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