Mrz 172014
Stanford Physics Professor Has The Best Reaction After Learning His 30 Year Old Theory Is Proven Correct

Stanford University physics professor Andrei Linde theorized the cosmic inflation theory 30 years ago that explains the first moments of the Big Bang.  

Professor Chao-Lin Kuo and his colleagues have just recently proven, with 99.99% certainty, that the theory is correct with their BICEP2 experiment. 

Andrei’s reaction to learning the exciting news is simply priceless, and is now trending. 


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Jan 092013

The web has been peppered with 2012 year in reviews from nearly all genres, be it pop music, Twitter, rap, or unnecessary censorship

But one genre was quietly left out. Academia.

Thankfully, Stanford University has just published their own wrap up video, featuring all their greatest moments in science, athletics, and culture from the past year. 


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Okt 062011

As everyone now knows, former Apple CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs, passed away yesterday. He truly changed the world of music, computing, and consumer electronics across the globe. Back in 2005, after just hearing about the severity of his illness, Jobs game a commencement speech at Stanford that is going viral again now. He speaks about pursuing dreams, and how death is really just a part of life. Death is what makes life so precious. 


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