Apr 082014
Driving Through Puddles In Super Slow Motion

Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys collaborated with Scion and race car driver Ken Gushi for their latest project. After dumping plenty of water in the road, the two stood by as the Ken drove his Scion through the giant puddle and created an epic tidal wave. Of course, they captured all the waterworks under the lens of their super slow motion camera. 


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Jun 102013

The Mind Grenade was filling his swimming pool on Sunday when his dog decided to go for a nice drink from the high pressure hose. He even said to his pup Coda, „You’re gonna fall in the pool, you know that,“ as the hose was on the slippy edge. 

And just like that his warning came to fruition.

The video, titled My Dog Isn’t The Smartest, has gone viral, amassing over 400,000 views in one day. 



Don’t worry, the Coda was fine and simply walked out of the pool. 


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Aug 312011

Summer is a time to relax, drink some lemonade, and take a ride in a lazy river. Or, if the lazy river is a little to, well, lazy, you could always try the human sling shot slip and slide. A group of summer fun goers built a crazy homemade slip and slide contraption that has a sling shot function with the help of an SUV. The video is shared on TheDailyWhat.


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Jul 172011

 Fox 5 Reporter Matt Johnson opens the news at the San Diego Yacht and Boat Show. He’s with a man wearing a water jet pack and ques the man to take off as the news begins. But the two get entangled and the Matt just misses getting pushed into the water as the man wearing the jet pack goes straight into the water. The video is featured on HuffingtonPost


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