Jul 272015
Southern Sheriff Gives The Best Crime Stoppers Report Ever

Most people don’t really pay attention when a Crime Stoppers report is made on the news. But this clip from Acadiana, Louisiana KATC news channel is different. Because the criminal who robbed a local favorite mom-and-pop grocery store just happened to hit one of the local sheriff’s favorite places to eat. Wrong move buddy. The St. Landry Parish Sheriff gave this epic report of the crime that has instantly gone viral! 

„You will be recognized. And the people that know you don’t really like you anyways.“ 


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Feb 152014
One Inch of Snow In Atlanta Horror Movie Parody

The South has been hit by another irregular snow storm. But what is just another normal winter storm in much of the country leads to fear and panic in Atlanta.

Triloka Love made this hilarious spoof horror movie trailer depicting just how terrifying one inch of snow in Atlanta is. 


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Jan 312014
Cat In Alabama Reacts To Snow For First Time

Much of the South, including Alabama, has been hit by a rare snow storm

Mikeg lives in Alabama and let his cat Sophie out to play in the rare snow for the first time. Naturally, the cat didn’t know how to react to the cold white stuff and freaked out. 

The video has gone viral with over 100,000 hits!


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Nov 022012

What’s so special about the ‚Sh– Girls Say‚  meme is that it’s one of the few Internet fads that can actually resurface over and over again, and still go viral.

Every now and then, another spoof of the original will trend, and the latest is coming from the .

They naturally go through all the stereotypical and funny ‚Sh%t Southern Women Say‚ in their new video that is going viral. 


Thanks Ben!

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