Feb 192015
Couples Grow Closer By Staring At Each Other For Four Minutes

According to the New York Times, holding uninterrupted eye contact with a person for four long minutes can increase intimacy. Soul Pancake wanted to test this theory, so they gathered six couples who were all in different stages of their relationship, and had them stare into each other’s eyes. The results surprised even them. This video has gone viral with over 750,000 hits!


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Dez 042014
What The Holidays Would Look Like If Kids Were In Charge Is Adorable

Everyone knows how Christmas is supposed to look. Santa Claus has a snowy, white beard and the Christmas tree is covered in red and green ornaments with a star on top. But what would the holidays look like if kids were in charge? Soul Pancake wanted to find out, so they teamed up with Lowes to actually create the Christmas revisions a bunch of kids made. Donuts on the Christmas tree and a cotton candy rainbow? Ya, this ingenious! 


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Okt 112014
A Pep Talk From Kid President And Grover

Soul Pancake’s Kid President has done a lot in his career. But now he has officially ‚made it‘ as he was lucky enough to have Sesame Street’s Grover guest star on his show. The two talk about helping the homeless with Socktober, and offer a little pep talk for inspiration


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Jan 242014
Kid President’s Message To Baby’s First Day

Kid President of Soul Pancake has a message for new people

Baby, life is awesome and hard all at the same time. But if you’re awesome, life will be awesome. 

Take brain pictures of the amazing things that happen everyday. And most importantly, spread the love. 


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