Feb 222015
Cats Welcoming Soldiers Home Parody

There are countless videos online shows adorable dogs emotionally welcoming home their human friends from the army. But what about cats? Kate Sidley and her friends made this hilarious parody of how cats would hypothetically welcome home their humans after a long time away. The video is from last November, but has only gone viral now with over one million new views


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Feb 112013

The Harlem Shake meme has officially taken the Internet by storm. The fun dance trend has even made its way to Norway

Kenneth Håkonsen just posted this amazing Harlem Shake dance performance from a troop of Norwegian soldiers, and in one day it has collected over 900,000 views already. 


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Apr 212011

When you think of the Army, what comes to mind? You’d probably say things like guns, muscles, and beer, stuff like that. What about Britney Spears? You don’t think so? Well, watch this then. A crew of America’s finest get down and dirty with their own lip dub music video of Britney’s new smash hit, Hold It Against Me. America, F yea!


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Apr 092011

A three some of soldiers in Afghanistan show us how they make coffee in the desert. After getting so much sun in the field, the soldiers get a little quirky. But coffee is serious business. Remember to always check for insurgents.


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Feb 032011

Camouflage is a term thrown a round, but what does it really look like? Nothing. You can’t even tell there’s people hiding. I didn’t even know what this video was at first.

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