Mrz 192015
Flying Snowmobile Is Crazy

The Finnish daredevils of Stunt Freaks Team weren’t satisfied with simply hang gliding off of a cliff. So they decided to merge hang gliding and snowmobiling into one epic sport. After retrofitting a snowmobile, one daring athlete hit the gas and rode it off a cliff. 

Thankfully, it worked and he gracefully flew down to safe ground. This video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Feb 202014
MTT-136 Mechanical Track Will Get You Anywhere In The Snow

Canadian inventor Yvon Martel posted this video featuring an impressive track technology.

Instead of being attached to a snowmobile, the electric powered track acts as a separate unit and can be utilized in countless ways in the snow. 

The video demonstrating the device has amassed over half a million views already.

If only the product was available this year during the record snowfall…


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Jan 232014
Stampede Of Polar Rabbits Run Away From Snowmobile

Russian YouTuber Leonid Shipovalov was snowmobiling in Siberia when he happened upon a herd of white rabbits.

Naturally, the bunnies took off, but not before he grabbed his camera and hit record.

The shaky video has appeared on DailyPicks, TheAwesomer, and Digg.


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Apr 302012

This year’s mild winter may be finally over, but that doesn’t make this new amazing product by AD Boivin any less cool. It’s called Track N Go, and it’s simply a continuous track for add-on each wheel.

Once properly mounted, Track N Go turns your truck or SUV into a super powered snowmobile. The video is featured on AutoBlog, UberGizmo, and MSN.


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Feb 062012

While snowmobiling around the Wyoming-Idaho border,  had a close call he will remember for life. After he just peaked a mountain top, snow right in front of him collapsed revealing a cliff of death only inches in front of his snowmobile.

He froze, very slowly and carefully got off the ‚mobile, and pulled it away from the cliff. Once completely safe, he says the to camera, „Everybody hear how hard I’m breathing? That’s because I just sh*t my pants.“ The action takes place at the 1:10 minute mark.


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