Mrz 222014
Snowman Exploding In Slow Motion To End Winter

Do you feel that? Spring is officially here. 

Sure it’s still cold, but there’s a faint warm breeze of Spring in the air. There’s even some rare green grass appearing as the record snow melts.

To say good bye to Old Man Winter properly, Grant Thompson blew up a couple snowmen with rapidly expanding gasses and captured the footage at a super slow 4,500 frames per second. 


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Mrz 212013

Special effects master and movie maker Scottd W has finally returned to the web with his latest work after a three month long hiatus.

For his last project, he recreated the popular tablet and smartphone game Fruit Ninja in real life. That action packed video currently stands with over 19 million hits

To close off Winter and welcome Spring, Scott has just debuted this explosion-obsessed video, Russian vs. Snowmen. Take that snow! 


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Dez 192012

The official Scary Snowman continues to go viral across the web with every episode. The latest, Season 3 Episode 5, is like them all. The Scary Snowman sits on a busy urban sidewalk, and scares passersby at just the last moment. The induced reactions are more than hilarious. 


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Dez 042012

 set up a man in a cutesy snowman suit holding a sign outside a busy store. Whenever a shopper would walk by, the snowman would conveniently drop his sign.

The prank victims would almost always intuitively pick up the sign making themselves vulnerable for the snowman’s scare. Happy holidays!


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Dez 162011

A reoccurring theme in the late 80’s, early 90’s comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was when Calvin would create outlandish snowman scenes, often including adult concepts, monsters, or aliens.  created this remake tribute of famous snowman scenes from Calvin and Hobbes in tribute to the great artist, Bill Watterson.


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