Apr 142016
Dropping An iPhone 6S From 100 Feet In A Lego Phone Case

Smartphone cases have become a must have accessory if you want to keep your investment safe from scratching or breaking. Techy TechRax got to thinking: How would a homemade smartphone case made out of just Legos do in a pressure test? So he made a perfect iPhone 6S case with Legos and dropped it 100 feet. The results might surprise you. 


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Apr 092016
Asking People If They Need A Cellphone In 1999

Today, a cellphone has gone from luxury to necessity. Not only do kids insist on having a smart device, but now, many parents agree that they want their kids to be connected online at all times. Only 17 years ago it was much different. 

This older clip of people being asked if they need a cellphone from 1999 has resurfaced. Make sure the ‚CC‘ button is on to see the translation of Dutch.


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Mrz 242016
iPhone SE Spoof Commercial

Just when you thought tech company Apple had run out of ideas and was only going to keep making the new iPhone bigger and faster, they have thrown a curve ball. The next iPhone will be called the iPhone SE, and apparently is going back in time as its screen will be smaller and basically the size of a phone from 4 years ago. Jacks Films pokes fun at the SE in this viral video. 


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Feb 022016
Instagram Is One Big Cliche

Back when it was still ‚hip‘ and new, Instagram was the place to find unique and creative posts by talented artists. Today, not so much. Now, it’s a cesspool of copycats and cliches. 


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Feb 012016
Selfie The Musical

It was only a few years ago when most people would shrug at the word ’selfie.‘ What does that mean? But even the Oxford Dictionary surrendered in 2013, and added the world ’selfie‘ to their world famous English dictionary. 

The musical nerds at AV Byte celebrate all things selfie in this new music video. Just don’t use a selfie-stick. 


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