Sep 302014
The Dancing Traffic Light

Everyone hates waiting at the pedestrian traffic light. Many simply run across the street when they find a break in traffic. But that’s not safe. To make waiting more pleasant, Smart Car invented the dancing traffic light. Instead of featuring a static ‚red man‘ as the don’t walk symbol, their dancing light showcases a real, dynamic dancing man. The dance was actually created in real time by dancing volunteers. 

This video was published in the summer, but it has only gone viral now with over 6 million new views!


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Apr 192012

After being trendy back in 2009, sales of the Smart Car have slumped in the US. But Smart is hoping to capitalize on high gas prices with their new all electric Smart Car. 

To show off their new EV, Smart set up a huge exhibit at the Frankfurt Motorshow in Germany, where two electric Smart Cars were outfitted to control a pong game being displayed on a large screen.

Since the high torque motors have such strong initial acceleration, the new EVs were perfect for some fast paced video game action. The video is covered on Gizmodo and Devour


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Jan 272012

The Smart Car, which debuted with much buzz, has already flopped in America. It doesn’t get much better mileage than most subcompacts that can seat five, and it’s very expensive. The only real plus of a Smart Car is its small size in a big, cramped city. But even the tiny size of the Smart Car, and a huge parking space couldn’t help this poor driver who took three minute to park, all while being recorded and laughed at. 


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