Jul 082014
Pallet Skating In Slovakia

You know the trolley tracks that often run around big cities in Europe?   has figured out an ingenious way to harness the power of the tracks to get around town quickly and for free. He simply added metal slides on all four corners of a palette and instantly created a rolling board for one. With just a few kicks, he can cruise around town with little effort. 


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Jan 252012

A group of youth hockey players narrowly escaped harm at an ice skating rink when the roof began to collapse. Luckily, the kids were already off the ice, and had time to run before the roof of the Slovakian skating rink completely caved in. The video is covered by YahooSports and DailyPicksAndFlicks.  


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Jan 202012

This video is from the past summer, but only went viral now, amassing 600,00 views in just the past week. At a Jewish Orthodox synagogue in Presov, Slovakia violinist Lukáš Kmit was performing a beautiful classic piece when a very familiar Nokia cell phone tune started to ring. Instead of getting upset, he just played along. 


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