Apr 112014
Squeaking Baby Sloths Are The Cutest

„Is there anything cuter than a squeaking sloth?“ asks sloth obsessed SlothvilleTV. Maybe, but you’re gonna have a difficult time finding it. 

These orphaned baby sloths from sanctuaries in Costa Rica and Colombia are simply adorable. But when they squeak? It’s just too much! The cute is overwhelming! 


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Jan 152013

This short, yet very sweet, video was posted on YouTube by Rowan Hartgroves way back in May. It has suddenly gone viralviral now, collecting over 50,000 views in just a few hours, after appearing on Reddit.

The viral video features a three-toed sloth slowly crawling towards the camera which happened to be on the ground. By adding a dramatic, anxiety-inducing soundtrack, the inquisitive sloth seems to transform into a raging, charging beast. 

Run! Or as YouTuber shavedape777 put it: „Walk for your lives!“


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Jan 052013

Eccentric online personality ZeFrank is continuing his hilarious, and very successful, True Facts series. After publishing viral hits, like True Facts About Baby Echidnas and True Facts About The Angler Fish, Frank discusses some interesting ‚facts‘ about the adorable sloth. 


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Mrz 032012

 brings us this adorable week-old clip that already have over 500,000 views, and is shared on BoingBoing. Sloth specialist Judy Avey-Arroyo runs a one of a kind sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. When a young orphan sloth gets mange, Judy applies a very cute technique to soothe and treat the babies that seems very reminiscent of ‚onesie‘ baby pajamas.  


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Jan 312012

Kristen Bell has always loved sloths, but the slow moving jungle animal is hard to come by in America. Knowing how much she loved them, Bell’s boyfriend Dax Shepard got her a guest sloth as a surprise for her birthday. Kristen, who is extremely emotional, had a full breakdown just from the news of the surprise which she recounted on the Ellen show.  


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