Nov 052013
Two Girls Missing Their Left Hand Are Best Friends Through Skype Commercial

Sarah and Paige live across the world, but have one thing in common. They both were born missing their left hand.

Their parents wanted them to connect with someone similar to them, and found each other through the Internet. 

Since the age of 8, the two have been skyping on a regular basis, and have become best friends. Even though they feel like sisters, they have never met before. 

Until now

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Aug 212013

With the help of technology, the world has been shrinking for more than a century. Internet tools such as Skype help the world feel like a small village even more.

To drive this point home, YouTuber and comedian Mark Malkoff went on mission to Skype with as many people in different countries around the world.

He was so successful, he was even somehow able to speak with someone in the the infamously closed off country of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, better known simply as North Korea.  


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Jan 162013

Ali Wasel’s wire haired fox terrier Gaytor loves to ‚talk‘ with other dogs. So when he’s been a good boy, she’ll pull up a YouTube video of a dog howling for Gaytor to ‚chit chat‘ with. 

Now, the video, which is being touted across the web as My Dog Can Skype, is going viralviral, and is featured on TastefullyO, LaughingSquid, DailyMail, and HuffPost


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