Jun 072016
Parrot Activates Siri On iPhone

Birds are arguably the only creatures in the animal kingdom who can speak like us. Sure, it’s hard to argue that they actually understand what they are saying, but it’s still interesting. Zakooldude adorable little Budgie parakeet has heard them say ‚Hey Siri‘ enough that the he learned to say it himself. But would an iPhone respond to him?? Yes!


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Jul 072015
Asking Siri “What Is 0 Divided by 0″ Has Hilarious Results

Apple’s digital secretary Siri has been around for quite some time now. But this new ‚Easter egg‘ has only been found now. HypeLead asked Siri what is zero divided by zero? Any math teacher will explain that it is impossible to answer that problem. But Siri gives the best answer ever. „Imagine that you have zero cookies and you split them evenly among zero friends. How many cookies does each person get? See? It doesn’t make sense.“

To top it off, she adds,“And Cookie Monster is sad that there are no cookies.“


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Okt 232013
Using Siri To Get A Date

We all know how helpful the iPhone’s Siri is, but can it really help you get a date?

The Internet’s favorite magician of love, Stuart Edge, attempted to find out in his latest video, Using Siri To Get A Date

He and his lady friend sat next to attractive eligibles around campus, and openly asked Siri how to ask out the cute person next to them. 

The person couldn’t help but overhear and blush, but were truly amazed when Siri somehow called the ‚cute guy/girl next to you‘ and their phone actually rang!

Stuart claims that „as crazy as this video may seem, it isn’t fake.“

Legitimate or not, it’s a fun video that is quickly trending online. 


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Mai 242012

After how successful celebrity sweetheart Zooey Deschanel was in her Apple Siri commercial, the makers of the iPhone have convinced another big celeb to join them in the celebration of Siri. 

The very famous John Malkovich graced this iPhone 4S commercial which is already featured on PCMag, Jezebel, and AppleInsider


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Apr 162012

Everyone loves Google’s GMail and Apple’s Siri, so it’s only natural for the two to get together. But as in all relationships, it’s not all strolling through Streetview holding hands and shopping on Amazon.

The video by  already has over 80,000 views, and is featured on Digg, Mashable, and TheDailyWhat


Thanks Erika!

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