Nov 052012

Two men performed an out of this world Tesla coil show at the Belfast Festival at Queen’s that took place over the weekend.

Wearing special suits to survive the outstanding electrical power, the two men stood on top of Tesla coils and somehow manipulated and controlled the bolts of electricity in front of a ’shocked‘ audience.  caught the amazing act on camera, and now the footage is starting to trend. 


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Jul 242012

Kites aren’t really considered alluring or exciting by most, but most haven’t been to the Southern Oregon Kite Festival at Port of Brookings. 

iQuad performed a kite show spectacle at the event with up to seven kites that all danced perfectly in sync with Queen’s classic Bohemian Rhapsody that has now gone viral. The video is featured on TheDailyWhat, Devour, and Reddit.


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Apr 242011

The performer starts out with just two small sticks. He balances one on the other and holds it for a while. Ok, impressive, but what about the pile of sticks on the floor? He can’t possibly balance all of those… Or can he? Be prepared to be blown away.


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Jan 222011

Fifteen year old Jacee Badeaux looks only twelve, but sings like a professional. He’s a little chubby, but that’s more to love. You know you’re in when Jay-Lo calls you sweet and cute.

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Sep 252010

First this entertainer had the audience try a hand trick. I tried it at home and failed like everyone else, but the magician was of course able to do it. Then after shuffling and cutting the deck many times, he tells an awesome story using the cards perfectly. This maybe one of the most entertaining card tricks I’ve seen. Bravo.

Here was also seen on the Ellen Degeneres show and performs the same trick:

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