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Shoenice22, the crazy YouTuber who eats or drinks the most ridiculous ‚food‘ items by just being asked, has returned to the web with another crazy video.

This time, he chugs an entire 15 oz bottle of ReaLemon juice. The real stuff. Just how sour does it taste to chug pure lemon juice? Just look at that face!


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Nov 082012


YouTuber  is famous online for eating the strange, disgusting, and just repulsive, all in very short amounts of time.

But he took things to the next level with his latest video, attempting to drink an entire bottle of Everclear, the highest alcohol by volume drink that is safe for human consumption. That’s 190 proof, or 95% alcohol!

Just while opening the sealed box, he breathes deeply to try to calm his nerves. Even this professional drinker knows the wrath of the Everclear.

Amazingly, he is successful, drinking the entire bottle in just 14 seconds! This makes the time he drank an entire bottle of Absolut vodka look like child’s play. 


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