Aug 092016
Dolphin Snatches iPad Out Of Woman’s Hands

Thanks to clever marketing, people are somehow motivated to walk around with their tablets. A large smartphone is one thing, but once it doesn’t fit in your pocket forget about it. This unlucky woman thought it would be a good idea to use her iPad by the dolphin exhibit at SeaWorld. The dolphin was apparently curious about the expensive tablet, because it snatched it right out of the woman’s hands!


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Jul 172013

Have you ever run your finger along the edge of the bristles of a comb? It emits a very distinct and unique sound that may remind you of dolphin.

Apparently, it sounds like a dolphin call to actual dolphins as well! 

In this year old video by Weirdiosity, a man flicks a comb by the underground dolphin tank. Incredibly, at least two dolphins swims up right next to the comb, apparently listening with great intent. One even seems to smile!


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Feb 182013

By now, most online viewers are sick of the Harlem Shake. The meme seems to have died just as fast as it burst onto the scene at the start of February

But now, latecomer San Antonio Seaworld has joined the ranks of even the most popular Shake videos after going viralviral over the weekend. 

What makes their version of the Harlem Shake so special? This is the only Harlem Shake dance video online that features dancing seals and a massive walrus performing sit ups.

At least according to karlaanne, it’s official. „As far as I’m concerned; SeaWorld just won the Harlem Shake. That walrus was TOO MUCH!!!!“


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