Mrz 062015
Octopus Almost Escapes From Tank At Seattle Aquarium

Besides for the shark, the octopus is the scariest and creepiest of all oceanic animals. There’s just something so chilling about all those slithering arms. A horror story almost unfolded when guests at the Seattle Aquarium watched in terror as an octopus attempted to climb out of the water tank. Thankfully, someone pushed the big guy back into the tank before it got all the way out. Phew. 


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Jan 142015
Dog Rides The Bus Alone To The Dog Park

Like most cute stories, this happened by chance. Black lab owner Jeff Young travels with ‚best friend‘ to the dog park quite frequently using the Seattle bus system. But one time when the bus pulled up, Jeff decided to wait for the next one so he could finish his cigarette.

Eclipse, on the other hand, wasn’t in the mood to wait, so she hopped on the bus. Jeff was a little worried, but found her at the dog park. Now, NBC 24 WNWO reports that Eclipse takes the bus to the dog park alone all the time. The drivers and riders all recognize her and love it. 


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Dez 202014
One Man Band Performs Christmas Music At Seattle Airport

Is there anything more boring than sitting at the airport during the holidays while waiting for your flight? Matthew Morris was bored at the Seattle airport when a holiday miracle occurred. A one man band was walking around playing Christmas music, and instantly cured their boredom. This video has instantly gone viral with over half a million hits already!


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Nov 102014
Seattle Seahawks Bird Lands On Fan’s Head At Seattle Seahawks Game

Before the Seahawks vs Giants game at CenturyLink Field, a Seahawks fan experienced a very unique, and painful, close encounter with the team’s live mascot. A very real hawk was set free by its trainer to fly around the stadium and hype up the fans. But instead of returning to its traienr, the great bird landed on a fan’s head. Ouch! It’s no surprise this rare clip by FOX Sports has gone viral!


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Jan 112014
This Duracell Commercial Featuring Deaf NFL Player Derrick Coleman Will Inspire You

In a genius marketing movie, Duracell chose Seattle Seahawks running back Derrick Coleman to star in this powerful promotion

Derrick has been deaf since the age of three, and was turned down countless times. But he never quit, and now is playing in the NFL. 

Trust your power. 

Read more on NFL, FoxSports, and SportingNews.  


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