Nov 062014
Shedd Aquarium’s New Otter Pup Is Adorable

Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium has a brand new family member, and the Internet has instantly fallen in love. A five-week-old sea otter was orphaned on a California beach, but thankfully it was rescued and transferred to Shedd. Now, the little pup is getting all the love and attention any puppy could ask for. So precious. 


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Mrz 052013

The Oregon Zoo has gone viral with this adorable video of Eddie the Sea Otter. Eddie was rescued off the southern coast, and is now about 16 years old–nearly retirement age for an otter.

The veterinarian doctors noticed a little arthritis in his elbows after an x-ray, so to help relieve the tension and pain, the staff is training Eddie to play basketball in the pool

The precious sea animal video is two weeks old, and already it has accumulated over 875,000 hits


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Nov 052012

’s friends, Dusty Harpole and Dave Keller, were adventuring in Tutka Bay, Alaska when an absolutely amazing scene of nature occurred in front of them. They watched and recorded in amazement as killer whales swam about their boat.

At the 1:30 minute mark, they noticed a sea otter being chased by the whales. After the whales attacked her baby, the mama otter jumped Onto the boat to escape certain death. 

Once they were safe away from the whales, the otter began to cry over her baby in a truly heartbreaking moment.

The video was posted online two weeks ago, but only went viralviral over the weekend. It currently stands with over 900,000 views


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Aug 192012

This adorable animal video went viralviral over the weekend after being featured on DailyPicks, Buzzfeed, and Reddit.

The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington is the home to Nellie the sea otter. One of her special movies is stacking cup and she shows it off here for the camera. The cuteness. It’s overwhelming. 


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