Aug 112013

Motorcycles Vancouver is not your average biker gang. Instead of wreaking havoc as some might assume, they’re helping the community. They are Canadian of course.

Just a few months ago, one scooter rider noticed an elderly blind man unknowingly walking in the road. Instead of simply passing him by, he turned around and helped the man get back onto the safe sidewalk. 


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Jan 222013

BMX bikes, skis, and skateboards are usually the mode of transport of choice for performing extreme freestyle jumps, flips, and twists. On the other hand, scooters don’t really get much attention in the extreme sporting world.

And that’s an oversight and Devin Supertramp recognized, as they both know how cool extreme-scooting can be. So the two collaborated, and made this eye-popping Scooter Freestyle video that is quickly trending across the web.


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Apr 182012

EV’s, or electric vehicles, are great for your pocket book as well as the environment, but there are some down sides. One particular problem is sound. Or lack thereof. 

Engineers didn’t realize that engine noise is actually safer for pedestrians, as they can hear oncoming traffic. But many EV’s are completely silent. To combat this, now most EV’s are actually equipped with speakers on the outside of the car.

 in the Netherlands took things to another level. Since they wanted their delivery scooters to be extra safe, they added a fake engine sounds. But they aren’t your typical engine sounds. No, they added Domino’s themed sounds. Just take a listen. Now that’s creative. 


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Nov 102011

There’s just something about Nintendo and Mario Kart that gamers and Internet users love. The sound effects can be added to anything, and instantly, that video now has gamer appeal. This video of a guy on a scooter crashing has a couple Nintendo sound effects added, making it very popular. It has amassed over a million views in just a week, and was awarded a trending silver medal. 


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Aug 102011

There’s just something about scooters, with their buzzing motors and slow acceleration, that makes them the butt of so many jokes. They are also prime material for Fail videos. People crash, bump, lose control of their buzz bikes, and more in this new Fail compilation video.  



Thanks Jordan!

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