Mrz 262013

With million of anti-anxiety pills flying off the shelves, there’s no question that America has a serious anxiety issue. Countless people are ailed by generalized and chronic anxiety, and feel nervous and worrisome all the time for no apparent reason.

Anxiety is so real, it can actually have very real and physical negative side effects on the worrier, such as increasing the risk of heart disease. 

But why? For what purpose does anxiety exist in humans? Actually, according to Science Show, there are plenty of good reasons to be nervous.

But like nearly all human relics of the past, the antiquated ‚flight or flight‘ emotion of the sympathetic nervous system must be properly moderated. If not, it can, and often does, inflict emotional, and even physical, hurt


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Jan 232013

Over the past couple of years, the term ‚fracking,‘ or the process of pumping pressurized liquids into the ground to free and harvest natural gas, has gone mainstream.

The idea that America is sitting of decades, if not centuries, worth of natural gas potential energy sounds good to everyone, but, like all things in life, there is a downside.

Already, countless documentaries, and now Hollywood movies, have surfaced proclaiming the ill effects on the environment from the fracking process.

Thankfully, Hank from popular nerd channel Sci Show delves into the topic, and finally gives viewers the facts about fracking


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Sep 262012

The Cinnamon Challenge is still a favorite online. You have probably heard by now that the challenge is actually quite dangerous, as the cinnamon is hydrophobic and quickly causes choking. 

To fully understand the science of the cinnamon challenge, the science focused , hosted by Hank of the VlogBrothers, discusses the popular Internet meme.


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