Apr 282015
Driver Speeds By Right Side Of School Bus Nearly Hitting Students

A reckless driver almost hit three students who were about to board a Graham school bus in Washington. When school buses are stopped, it is illegal to pass the bus for child safety. But this reckless driver didn’t just pass the bus on the left side illegally. 

The driver passed the bus on the right where there was no lane at all. Worse yet, three students can be seen running towards the school bus at the moment the SUV whizzed by them. Thankfully, no one was injured, but this could have ended much worse! 

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Mai 222013

The First of April was nearly two months ago, but this straggler April Fools prank video by Kurtec01 has only been posted now, quickly amassing over 200,000 views.

In the prank video, a school bus driver quiets the bus to tell the students an announcement. He claims that because of special circumstances he was going to drop them off as usual, only this time the students would immediately board back onto the bus to be taken back home. 

„Apparently, you have another day of Spring Break,“ he ended with to which the students erupted into a fit of cheers and screams. 

The screaming seems to go on forever until a couple students start to get a little suspicious. Slowly, the cheering calms among the doubtful until the driver jumps and screams, „Who said? What’s today’s date? April Fools! I got everyone of you!“

Naturally, the children break out into an even greater fit of fury and screams. 

Shrieks of „I hate you!“ and „WTH?!“ can be heard as the driver laughs and laughs at the misery of the children be taken off to school. 


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Nov 192012

The adrenaline obsessed dare devils at  are back with another sweaty, nerve racking, exciting video. A group of daring kids strapped into a very special, retrofitted school bus for some sweet school bus drifting.

Now that’s a school bus ride will be excited to get on for once. Viewers feel similar, as the video from last week already has over 120,000 views.


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Aug 242011

While dropping off his junior high kids, the bus driver noticed smoke coming from the turn signal cover, so he quickly pulled over and shut off the engine. That’s when flames erupted out of the engine compartment. He quickly evacuated the students from the bus, and only once everyone was out of harm’s way was there a huge explosion. 


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Jan 232011

You know when your dad says he had to walk to school uphill both ways? This is kind of like that. I don’t know what’s going on, but the carpool  has to drive through a roaring river. It looks like if the driver pulled one inch in either direction it would all be over. Crazy Mofos.

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