Nov 052014
Ellen’s Best Celebrity Scare Pranks Compilation

Halloween is of course the most popular day to scare and prank people. But Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t like to be boxed in. She likes to prank her celebrity guests and friends all year long! In honor of Halloween, the popular daytime talk show host put together this hilarious supercut of her best celebrity scare pranks. 


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Nov 022013
English Footballer Scares His Teammates For Halloween

Kyle Walker of the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club pulled a doozy of a scare prank on his teammates for Halloween.

His teammates were asked to give a quick Halloween interview in a small, creepy room by themselves. Little did they know, Kyle was hiding behind a large veil wearing a monster mask.

Just when Andros Townsend, Jermain Defoe, and others least expected it, Kyle jumped out from behind them, resulting in plenty of soiled underwear. 

Over the weekend, the prank video has garnered over 1.7 million hits!


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Okt 082013
Scary Headless Man Prank

With Halloween just around the corner, the spooky pranks are really starting to pour in online.

And few can compete with magician and prank master Rahat

After scaring the pants off of fast food workers at the drive-thru with his skeleton driver prank, Rahat has returned to prank people at the park as the legendary headless man.

Rahat had people of all ages literally running for their lives in all directions after seeing an apparent monster from popular horror movies in real life. 


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